What to Expect in Sessions

During our session together you can expect a friendly, approachable service that is confidential and professional. I have a relaxed approach to conducting hypnotherapy and I fully believe that in order for you to get the most benefit out of our sessions that you are able to feel comfortable and at ease with myself.

My own experience tells me there’s no “one size fits all” solution for any given issue since everyone experiences their problem from their personal perspective. One of the guiding principles of Hypnotherapy is that each person is unique and that I tailor the therapeutic process of addressing their problem accordingly.

Before Our Session

I recommend before coming to a hypnotherapy that you don’t eat a large meal or drink Alcohol as it is very easy to drift off to sleep and I will need your full concentration. During hypnosis our body temperature can drop as we are so relaxed (just like when we are asleep) so warm, comfortable clothing is most suited.

Before the session have a think about your issue and what you want to accomplish with hypnotherapy. You may want to consider:

  • What is the issue you want to work on?
  • How long this has been an issue? What were the circumstances when it began?
  • Why is it important for you to resolve this issue now?
  • How do you cope? When are the times when this issue doesn’t affect you?
  • How will your life look or feel once this issue has been resolved?
First Session

Each hypnotherapy session lasts 60 minutes. During this session we will begin by talking in depth about the issue that you are facing, how you are coping and what life was like for you before it became an issue. This is an opportunity for you to express any worries or issues currently in your life that you want to be free of.

Our session is done in the strictest confidence and you will be able to ask me any questions or concerns that you may have in order to feel comfortable. Also, to get to know you better, I will ask a few general questions such as what you do to relax and what your interests are which I can use during the hypnotherapy session.

Your Goal for Hypnosis

We then set a goal for the session, what it is that you would like to accomplish through hypnotherapy and most importantly how you would rather think or feel. From this we can form an understanding of your issues and device a treatment plan tailored to you, focused on the positive outcome you would like to achieve.

The mind works best with a positive direction to move towards, so by establishing your goal we can prepare your mind to start focusing on your preferred future.

Hypnotherapy Pre-Talk

After we establish a goal I will give you a quick educational pre-talk about hypnosis so that you know what to expect. I will explain what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is, what it feels like and the basic myths and facts about hypnosis.

I will also explain what you can expect when hypnotised. I will then ask if you have any questions and from there I ask you to get comfortable before we begin the hypnotic induction.

Hypnotherapy Session

Once you have made yourself comfortable I will guide you through a relaxing hypnotic induction. The induction I use will focus on relaxing your body and mind and the actual hypnosis itself is a very relaxing, enjoyable experience. Once you are hypnotised I will begin the hypnotherapy, which may involve giving you positive suggestions, imagining positive future scenarios, transforming feelings and thoughts and also taking you on a guided journey to clear away negative past experiences.

It’s an easy and comfortable process, you simply need to sit back whilst I talk to your subconscious mind. Where appropriate I will combine NLP and coaching with hypnotherapy to support you in achieving the changes you want to make.

After you emerge from hypnosis we will talk about your experience, what you enjoyed about it and I will give you feedback about the session and what the next step will be. For some issues I will give you an MP3 to listen to which helps reinforce the therapy.

Follow Up Sessions

I typically see clients weekly depending on the nature of your problem and treatment goals. My aim is to help you overcome your particular issue in as short a time frame as possible. Some people get the result they want in only three sessions, while others may need five or more sessions. We will discuss how long that is likely to take and monitor your progress at the end of each session.

I prefer to set a weekly appointment time for the first 2-3 sessions; however should we be unable to do so I will do my best to work with you to accommodate your schedule.

During each subsequent hypnotherapy sessions we will start by discussing your progress, what has changed for the better, and what aspects you would like to focus on that may need some extra work. I will then guide you into hypnosis to carry on making the positive changes that you want.