Outline of a Hypnotherapy session

Before the Session

It is recommended before coming to a hypnotherapy that you don’t eat a large meal as it is very easy to drift off to sleep. Also Alcohol isn’t advised as I will need your full concentration. I advise you to wear comfortable clothing as you will be sitting for an hour or so. Often during hypnosis our body temperature can drop as we are so relaxed (just like when we are asleep) so warm, comfortable clothing is recommended. It is advisable not to wear contact lenses however nowadays most contact lenses are designed so that your eyes can be closed for 20-30 minutes without any issues.

I also advise before the session that you have a think about your issue and what you want to accomplish with hypnotherapy. For example, you may consider:

  • What is the issue you want to work on?
  • How long this has been an issue? What were the circumstances when it began?
  • Why is it important for you to resolve this issue now?
  • How do you cope? When are the times when this issue doesn’t affect you?
  • How will your life look or feel once this issue has been resolved?

What to Expect in Hypnotherapy

First Session

Our first session lasts 60 minutes. During the first session we will begin by talking in depth about the issue that you are facing including how long it has been an issue, when you think it started, how you cope and what life was like before it became an issue. I will then talk about what you are looking to accomplish with hypnosis and also general questions such as what you do to relax and what your interests are which I can use during the hypnotherapy session.

Your Goal for Hypnosis

We then set a goal for the session, what it is that you would like to accomplish through hypnotherapy and most importantly how you would rather think or feel. The mind works best with a positive direction to move towards, so by establishing your goal we can prepare your mind to start focusing on your preferred future.

Hypnotherapy Pre-talk

After we establish a goal I will give you my educational pre-talk about hypnosis. I will explain what hypnosis and hypnotherapy is, what it feels like and the basic myths and facts about hypnosis. I will also explain what you can expect when hypnotised. I will then ask if you have any questions and from there I ask you to get comfortable before we begin the hypnotic induction.

Hypnosis Induction

Once you have made yourself comfortable I will gently guide you into a relaxing hypnotic trance. The induction I use will focus on relaxing your body and mind, and the actual hypnosis itself is a very relaxing, enjoyable experience. Once you are hypnotised I will begin the hypnotherapy, which may involve giving you positive suggestions, imagining positive future scenarios, transforming feelings and thoughts and also taking you on a guided journey to clear our negative past experiences.

After you emerge from hypnosis we will talk about your experience, what you liked about it and I will give you feedback about the session and answer any further questions you may have.

Subsequent Sessions

During each subsequent hypnotherapy sessions we will start by discussing your progress, what has changed for the better, and what aspects you would like to focus on that may need some extra work. I will then guide you into hypnosis to carry on making the positive changes that you want.

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