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Feedback from Previous Clients

"Having the benefit of a free initial consultation was extremely useful and reassuring. The treatment was effective and took fewer sessions than anticipated. I have no hesitation in recommending Elliott."
KH, Dunfermline
"Thank you for all your help the last 2 months. I don't think I would have come out of my blip as quickly if it wasn't for my sessions with you! I have really enjoyed my Hypnotherapy, and I will no doubt have another session in the future even if it's just for relaxation and a bit of maintenance. I'm still listening to my mp3."
CM, Glasgow
"After forty years, to stop smoking seemed an impossible goal but with intelligent, kind and non-judgemental understanding of the issues, Elliott has ensured my continued success in achieving this. Without hesitation or reservation I would recommend him to anyone seeking a resolution to their particular problem for the benefit to be gained from his calm, confident and unhurried approach"
AN, Edinburgh
"Just wanted to message to say how pleased I am – another 2lbs this week. I’m delighted! I really feel I’ve lost weight without trying – when I’ve dieted before I’ve eaten endless salads - this time I’ve eaten what I wanted and not felt deprived or hungry. Wonderful!"
TM, West Lothian
"Just to let you know that I passed the exam. Hugely relieved! Thank you so much for all of your help – I have no doubt that it helped to boost my confidence and belief in myself whilst remaining calm throughout."
VS, Glasgow
"I went to see Elliott for anxiety about speaking to people and especially in meetings at work. I would get flustered and could scarcely even say my name. I felt ridiculous. Anyway, it was just a few sessions with Elliott and now, though I can't say I like it, I can now speak in meetings without anyone knowing that I was every troubled by this. I would recommend Elliott. He is very encouraging, and has given me back my confidence"
RR, Edinburgh
"I initially had a session with Elliott to help me with my fear of flying. I had gotten to a point where even the thought of flying had me panicking,sweating feeling nauseous and even refusing to travel abroad because of this. Eventually this feeling spilled over into day to day life and I was also struggling with being a passenger in a car. I decided to try hypnosis as a holiday had been booked and I refused to let this feeling stop me travelling. The sessions were so helpful and provided me with the tools and mindset to be able to conquer my fear and eventually fly again. I had 3 sessions in total and I cannot recommend this service highly enough. I successfully completed the flights and feel 100 times better now,and I am even looking at a long haul flight next year!"
MK, Dunfermline
"What is so good is that I truly no longer feel the need to smoke. I was most worried about being tempted when I went to stay with friends who smoke – when they lit up I just felt fine about it – they were really surprised! And I feel so much better – no cravings and I haven’t pigged out on sweets either which is what I used to do when I tried giving up on my own. It’s been about 8 months now since I gave up that’s a record for me!"
CW, North Berwick
"Sceptically arranged a session with Elliott for the first time on recommendation and found the experience convivial, relaxing and supportive. After only a few sessions I considerably improved my focus and concentration which made a big difference to my anxiety levels. I found the time spent with Elliott a vast enhancement to my positivity."
LS, Edinburgh
"Thank you for the hypnotherapy sessions. I’m glad to say the therapy worked and I no longer pass out at the sight of blood for which I’m extremely grateful—no more being teased by my children (and wife!). I’d recommend your services and relaxation audio to anyone".
DM, Kirkcaldy

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