Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

I am able to offer online Hypnotherapy sessions which you can take in the comfort of your home. They are a great alternative to an in person session as you are no longer limited by your work hours or location.

Sessions are carried out over Zoom which is similar Skype. The video calling process is very simple to use and I will also do my best to help you with setting up our online session. Please ensure you have a good internet connection, headphones and a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed. If you are using your phone, please ensure your phone is fully charged or plugged in so that you don’t run out of power.

What You Can Expect During Our Online session

Our session together will follow the same format as a typical session if we were doing it in person. We will begin talking about your issue and what you would like to achieve with hypnotherapy. I will them briefly explain hypnotherapy so that you know that to expect and what the outcome of our session together will be. You can then get comfortable and I will begin to guide you into hypnosis. I am confident that I can help you just as well online as I can in person.

I may turn off the camera so that it is audio only once you are in hypnosis to help prevent any connection issues. In the unlikely event that one of us gets disconnected or there is a problem with the connection, I will give you a safe suggestion that should you not hear my voice for a minute you will emerge from hypnosis and we can then reconnect and assume the session. Generally for an online session you will only be in a light state of hypnosis, such as if you were meditating or off day dreaming.

Using Zoom, our video call will be password protected and it will just be me and you in the session, no-one else. You will be sent a unique password prior to entering our video session. It is best to connect to our chat 5 minutes before your allotted time.

How to Book Online Hypnotherapy

Sessions can be scheduled from 10am until 7pm, Monday to Friday and each session lasts approximately 50 minutes.

Payments can be made online via Paypal (details of which will be emailed to you at time of booking).

If you would like to book an online hypnotherapy session with me you can book an appointment here or via the button below.

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Due to online therapy regulations this service is only available to UK residents.

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