How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Break the Addiction

There is a silent tobacco epidemic going on yet there are still more than 1.1 billion smokers around the world. Tobacco kills around 8 million people each year, according to the World Health Organization, and 7 million of those deaths are from direct smoking while 1.2 million are from second-hand smoke.

If you are a smoker then you’d probably agree that smoking is a difficult addiction to break. Perhaps you’ve tried other stop smoking methods such as patches or vaping and had no luck. If you’ve been smoking for a very long time, you get so used to tobacco that the thought of quitting alone could already make you feel sick.

Over two thirds of all smokers wish that they could give up the habit but find it hard to do so. But if you want to stay healthy and live for a longer time, there is no better time to stop smoking than now and you can do that with hypnotherapy for smoking.

The Effects of Smoking to the Body

There is no safe way to smoke tobacco. With cigarettes containing 600 ingredients that release 7,000 chemicals when burned, smoking is the most common “preventable cause of death” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For starters, nicotine in tobacco is habit-forming because it makes you feel energized for a time and then you crave more of it after. As time goes by, withdrawal from nicotine could have devastating cognitive effects including headaches, anxiety and in some cases even lead to depression.

Smoke inhalation also damages your lungs and causes irreversible lung conditions like chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and lung cancer among other diseases.

Why Quit Smoking?

According to experts, quitting smoking can already add more years to your life. When you break this addiction, you start to feel more energized because of lower levels of carbon monoxide in the body. You’ll also notice that your skin looks better and that you get to increase your lung capacity by up to 10% so you can breathe easier. Smoking cessation also boosts your immune system and makes you feel less stressed.

In addition to the health benefits, once you quit smoking you will also have more money in your pocket! Many smokers who smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes a day at roughly £8 a pack, could save over £2500 in the first year alone of being a non-smoker.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

If you’re one of those who are having a hard time to quit smoke, hypnotherapy for smoking could help you break the addiction without any withdrawals.

According to studies, breaking the smoking habit could be difficult for some not because nicotine is addictive but because the habit is already in the subconscious mind. Simply put, if you want to quit smoking, you need to prepare your mind and that is made possible with the help of hypnotherapy.

Research shows that stop smoking hypnosis is three times more effective as a tool to stop smoking than nicotine patches and other medications. Since the habit of smoking is mostly in the mind, hypnosis helps you to imagine a life without smoking and set your mind to the many benefits that you get to enjoy once you stop your addiction.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t only remind you of the joys of a smoke-free life, but it also helps you absorb the dangers, costs and other disadvantages of smoking into your subconscious mind so you can make the informed decision to stop your smoking habits.

Stop Smoking Today

I offer a two session stop smoking hypnotherapy package, which includes a complementary hypnotherapy audio MP3/CD to listen to between sessions and increase your chances of success.

If you have a strong desire to quit smoking and would like to save both time, money and your health, then hypnotherapy is a modern, effective tool to help you stop the smoking habit for good and regain control of your life.

Simply drop me an email with any questions about stop smoking with hypnotherapy, I’m happy to help you with any concerns without any obligation on your part. 

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