Hypnotherapy for Relaxation

Hypnotherapy can be one of the most relaxing things that you will ever do. Modern life can be stressful and this can have an adverse effect, both on the body and on the mind. As the mind relaxes, the day’s stresses and strains drift away leaving you calm, relaxed and refreshed.

Relaxation is an exact opposite of being anxious. When a person suffers from anxiety the heart quickens, blood pressure increases and breathing gets faster. Learning to relax helps a person to increase their physical and mental efficiency by lowering their heart rate, slowing their breathing and decreasing their blood pressure.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Relaxation are:
  • Improved sleep
  • The feeling of increased control of who you are
  • The ability to think clearly and focus
  • You can feel happier
  • Positive thinking that can promote positive effects
  • Reduction of stress, you can’t be relaxed and stressed at the same time

During this session I will guide you through a process that gets you to progressively relax more and more deeply. Once you’re deeply relaxed, you’ll enjoy a process of thoroughly cleansing your mind, getting rid of worries, frustrations and everyday stresses and strains. Throughout, you’ll use your imagination to enhance your feelings of relaxation and to dissolve any thoughts and feelings that you don’t want. You’ll find out just how powerful your imagination is and how beneficial it can be when you engage it in a way that’s helpful to you.

You’ll emerge from the session feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm, but at the same time alert, refreshed and fully awake. Some people enjoy this session so much that they decide to make it a regular thing!

Relaxation hypnotherapy may be undertaken as a single session or over a series of sessions to enhance the long term benefit.

This hypnotherapy also makes an ideal gift!

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