Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking is considered the number one fear. It ranks higher than death, flying or spiders. Mainly because we are all told that it’s an extremely stressful situation to be put in. But it isn’t inherently stressful. Many people who are afraid of speaking in public are under the assumption that you have to be brilliant at it to be a success.

It is understandable to feel a certain degree of stress at the prospect of delivering important information in an informative and interesting way. It may be that the success of the presentation affects your situation at work – i.e the prospect of promotion, and the expectancy to succeed can bring its own stress. The problem with this is that anxieties can manifest themselves in a physical way such as sweating, shaking or stammering, and these physical conditions further fuel the mental perceptions of stress, resulting in the sense that you have lost control and that the task is too overwhelming.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a born entertainer, a polished wit or a charismatic raconteur to speak in public. Understanding and appreciating that you have something to offer your audience and believing that you do not have to be a Hollywood actor to accomplish can be enough to get you through the speech.

We fear the following:

  • We may dry up
  • Someone in the audience knows more than we do
  • Being unable to answer questions
  • Making mistakes in front of our peers
  • Getting tongue tied and looking nervous

The truth is most of these fears are irrational and by talking through our fears and realizing that actually ‘dying’ on stage is not going to happen and we can actually manage the speech or presentation we need to make. Once we appreciate these factors and begin to believe and be confident and human in our approach, we can begin to resolve and ease the associated tension down to manageable levels.

Using hypnotherapy, there are effective and proven techniques that provide the tools needed to dispel such anxieties. By changing thought patterns and learning ways to relax, you will soon retain the calmness and focus required to perform with confidence and reach your full and most effective performance potential.

It may be that you worry at the thought of being the centre of attention or that you might say something incorrect or dislike the thought of how you may sound. Hypnotherapy can help you to analyse these concerns, process them and let them go so that you can operate in a calm and relaxed way.

Through hypnotherapy, NLP and relaxation techniques, you will find that you can replace these mental and physical blocks with positive and confident emotions.

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