Hypnotherapy for Low Mood

We have all felt a low mood from time to time. It could be your job, relationship or boredom that’s leaving you feeling discontented with life. Perhaps you have found yourself unable to focus on your goals in the same way that you used to, you may even have a desire to do something else with your life and just can’t figure out how to achieve it or lack the confidence you may need to pursue your dreams.

The subconscious mind is extremely adept at thinking negatively and seeing the worst in everything, and, because it’s something we all have, we are all susceptible to becoming depressed. But, what many people don’t realise is that the way they feel is a direct result of the way they think, and that actually you are able to take control of your thoughts and how you perceive things.

When we think and behave in a positive way, our brain produces a chemical called serotonin, and when we have a steady flow of serotonin in the brain we feel good and are able to cope with whatever life throws at us. Thinking positively and focusing on the positive aspects in our lives makes life so much easier to cope with and much more enjoyable. Our sense of humour returns, we start focusing on solutions rather than problems and we see things from a positive perspective.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help with a Low Mood?

Hypnotherapy can help you to recognise any patterns of negative thinking you may be caught up in and help you to replace these inappropriate thinking patterns with more useful and positive ones. Hypnotherapy looks at the person as a whole, rather than just treating symptoms. Hypnotherapy works by liberating negative feelings and emotions, and replace them with positive ones.

Through a unique combination of hypnotherapy and NLP, in a calm and comfortable environment, you’ll be shown that we are what we think we are. Once you make simple changes to your thoughts, and the way you react to and perceive reality, you’ll start to release old negative habits and beliefs. Then imagine replacing them with positive new ones that’ll not only ensure you achieve your goals, but also help you find balance and well-being in your life.

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