Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

All of us can have problems with getting to sleep at one time or another which can easily be attributed to many reasons: going on holidays, exams, Christmas or maybe a physical problem like a cold or flu can naturally prevent a food sound night’s sleep. Some people find it easy to go off to sleep yet wake early while others take hours to drop off.

If you find it difficult falling asleep or fall asleep easily but wake up several times during the night, you are not alone; approximately a third of the UK population experience sleep problems at some stage of their lives.

There are two main types of sleep: deep sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Deep sleep is thought to be especially restorative for the brain. During REM sleep we dream, and this enables us to process things we have experienced during the day. If we don’t get enough of both deep and REM sleep it can leave us feeling tired, irritable and unable to function during the day.

The most common symptoms of sleep disorders are:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking up during the night
  • Waking up early in the morning

Pressure from work, grief, moving home, financial worries and problems and relationship issues overload our minds at times, especially when we are trying to get to sleep. Additionally physical conditions such as chronic pain and tension can cause sleep problems. When we suffer from chronic sleep disorders it can increase negative thoughts towards sleep in general, causing a negative cycle of worry. We often become our own worst enemies by fueling ourselves with caffeine before bed or staying up late watching TV which can affect our sleeping habits.

Why Choose Clinical Hypnotherapy for Help with Insomnia?

Using Hypnosis we can experience total mental and physical relaxation and replace negative, stressful thoughts with peace and calm to promote better and more efficient sleep patterns.

With Hypnotherapy we can:

  • Help to process the negative thoughts and emotions
  • Get to and resolve the cause of our sleeping anxieties
  • Bring down levels of anxiety
  • Get our sleep patterns back to a healthy level

During our Hypnotherapy sessions we will go through relaxation techniques and I will also teach you how to carry out self-hypnosis, enabling you to have the tools you need for a great night’s sleep every night.

When we are able to make changes to your negative beliefs about sleep we can replace them with a new, positive outlook so that you fall asleep effortlessly. You will find yourself waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

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