Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Self Esteem

It’s all too easy to become bogged down by thinking negatively, focusing on the negative aspects of our lives and expecting the worst. This kind of thinking causes anxiety, and distorts the view of the world that we have when we are relaxed and in control.

There is a clear link between thoughts, emotions and behaviours and by changing one of these components, you can improve your quality of life.  When you tell yourself you can not do things in life often enough and believe it, the end result is normally that you are unable to do those things anymore. But it’s the same with positive thinking, if you tell yourself that you can be positive and confident then you can be precisely that.

Being self-confident can improve every aspect of life. Confident people are inspiring, fun to be around, ooze independence and vitality. Changing the way you think, feel and behave can be a daunting prospect, however, by using hypnotherapy you will be able to mentally rehearse making these changes under hypnosis and use the positive confidence-boosting suggestions to put these into practice in your daily life.

Confidence empowers us to take advantage of the opportunities that life throws our way. Confidence allows us to live our lives to the full. Most of us don’t realise just how confident we can naturally be. Hypnotherapy can help you to challenge some of your negative thinking patterns and replace them with new more positive beliefs.

Why use Hypnotherapy to Boost Your Confidence

Hypnotherapy is effective at building self-esteem and can help you establish or regain a more positive realistic view of the future where you are able to be the best version of you.

  • Helps you to understand the importance of self belief which in turn builds your confidence
  • Use guided visual imagery to ‘see’ yourself achieving your goals
  • Overturn your reasons for feeling negative in the first place
  • Develop positive and strong beliefs so that your self-confidence will improve.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs that were limiting your potential so that you become a new version of yourself
  • You will be better able to engage yourself in your social environment and bring a sense of positive self-worth to your daily life

Hypnotherapy can help you to identify your strengths and abilities and help to eliminate all the negative thoughts and self-doubts inside you. In addition, visualisation and NLP techniques will be use to remove any fears associated with the situation. You will discover your vast resources of confidence, resources that you had forgotten you had.

If you are ready to take control over the way you feel about yourself and want to be more confident, contact me to book your session.

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