Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

Pain has the vital purpose of self-preservation. If you burned your finger, signals would travel quickly from the source of the pain to the brain. The brain instinctively reacts by telling you to remove your hand fast and prevent further injury.

Sometimes the brain can register pain although there is no physical explanation for the pain itself such as amputees who still experience pain from the part of the body that has been amputated. This proves that the brain can interpret pain without there being a physical source, in other words pain can also be psychological.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Manage Pain

As there is a strong link between mind and body in pain perception, hypnotherapy is well suited to reducing the intensity, or completely eradicating pain. Our thoughts, actions, attitudes, beliefs, emotions and habits can influence and regulate how we process pain sensations, either to amplify them or reduce them. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for altering all of these psychological factors. We can retrain the brain to be less sensitive to pain signals.

One reason or understanding of why Hypnotherapy is so successful at pain management is to do with the way in which Hypnotherapy can affect a person’s level of consciousness. If you are not consciously aware of pain then you are pain free. With Hypnotherapy I can teach you how to keep any pain sensations outside your own consciousness and encourage the production of our own natural analgesics

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy work especially well together when working with pain. You can learn how to consciously use a specific NLP pain control technique to alter and minimise feelings of pain.

In addition to working on pain reduction and stress management strategies, I also use visualisation and rehearsal of coping skills under hypnosis to help you manage out in the world

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Please note that before proceeding with any hypnotherapy for pain management I do require a letter from your doctor that it is indeed Chronic Pain and that there are no underlying health conditions.