Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

Manage Pain with Hypnotherapy in Fife

Pain has the vital purpose of self-preservation. If you burned your finger, signals would travel quickly from the source of the pain to the brain. The brain instinctively reacts by telling you to remove your hand fast and prevent further injury.

Sometimes the brain can register pain although there is no physical explanation for the pain itself such as amputees who still experience pain from the part of the body that has been amputated. This proves that the brain can interpret pain without there being a physical source, in other words, pain can also be psychological.

One reason why hypnotherapy is so successful at pain management is to do with the way in which hypnotherapy can affect a person’s level of consciousness. There is a strong link between mind and body in pain perception. Our thoughts, actions, attitudes, beliefs, emotions and habits can influence and regulate how we process pain sensations, either to amplify them or reduce them.

The Mind / Body Connection

Hypnosis in pain relief taps into the “mind / body” connection that is generally ignored in Western medicine. In the West we are taught that we have little control over our physiological functions, but this is not true. Our minds are incredibly powerful and have the ability generate chemical and physical responses. We prove this almost every day of our lives. We are flooded with good feelings (endorphins) when we see, hear, smell or touch something that has a positive association to it. It is our minds that create these associations and it is our minds that signal the release of the chemicals into our bodies.

The same is true for negative feelings. When we feel threatened or frightened our body releases adrenaline and other chemicals that give us strength, heightened awareness and an increased ability to flee or stay and fight. Again the trigger for the chemical release is from our mind, not our body. Our minds also have the ability provide pain release, we just have to learn how to do this.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Manage Pain

People with chronic pain experience feelings of fear, helplessness and depression. For many sufferers the belief that they cannot control their pain can be very stressful. Pain and emotion are interrelated and are influenced by our thoughts. Hypnosis is proven to be very successful in helping client’s to change their belief that they are unable to control their pain. Hypnotherapy will give you the confidence and tools to successfully control your pain.

If you are suffering from chronic pain or migraines, hypnotherapy can help you to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you feel about the pain and teach you how to focus your attention on comfort. With Hypnotherapy, I can teach you how to keep any pain sensations outside your own consciousness and encourage the production of our own natural analgesics. We can retrain the brain to be less sensitive to pain signals. I will also teach you a specific pain control techniques to alter and minimise feelings of discomfort.

Before any treatment can begin when working with pain conditions, all clients must have consulted a medical practitioner for a complete diagnosis. Once that has been confirmed, we can proceed with hypnotherapy.

Change Can Happen Sooner Than You Think

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