Hypnotherapy for Breaking Habits

Have you ever found yourself doing something over and over again, without really knowing why? Wishing you could stop, bit not even realising that you’ve started doing it again? It’s almost like being in some sort of trance. Many people have a habit they wish they could stop, some have got to the point where it’s so painful or even dangerous they need some help.

Habits, and habitual responses, are present in every person. Some habits are good and useful; others can be negative and detrimental to our health. Whether you’re eating without you even noticing it, biting your nails until the sides bleed, sleeping-in too long or pulling your hair until it comes out, hypnotherapy can help you conquer bad habits and create new, good habits.

Hypnosis deals directly with the subconscious part of your mind, the part responsible for initiating habitual responses. Have you ever heard a piece of music that’s instantly reminded you of a past memory? That’s the subconscious part of your mind that has anchored that particular sound to a past image or feeling. It’s in this way that our brain learns a habitual response. The same could be said for when you wake up in the morning. Your conscious mind is normally still sound asleep when your alarm goes off. It’s your unconscious mind that begins to deal with that alarm, usually by automatically remembering to press the snooze button.

Hypnosis and NLP are a quick and straightforward approach to being able to change or get rid of outdated habitual patterns or responses. Please contact me to book a session and we can discuss the particular habit you would like to change or eliminate.

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