There is No Failure, Only Feedback

t’s easy to try something once and give up. We tell ourselves that it wasn’t for us, or I’m not the type of person who does that, it’s not worth the effort. But what is that doing to our self-confidence, inner strength and belief in our capabilities?

The way to strengthen and grow as a person is to realise that every time you try something and it doesn’t work, it’s just feedback to do something new. Use a different method, work on the timing, scale up, scale down, add to it, and remove something.

The key belief of self-esteem is trusting that you will grow and become stronger when things don’t work out.

When we trust that we have the ability to carry on, to push through setbacks, it not only increases our self-belief, but also our patience.

The only limits you set on yourself and your time are self-imposed. Take time to force yourself initially to carry on, to stick at it. Realise that there are many ways to get what we want, and sometimes you have to loop back, wear down the path a little so that when you get there you can enjoy the feeling of not only reaching the goal but the satisfaction of getting there.

If you need help with your motivation, reach out to me. We can work to help keep you focused on what it is you desire, and not what you are willing to settle for.

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