The Questions We Ask Ourselves

The questions that we ask ourselves on a daily basis have a profound impact on our emotional state and, more importantly, the decisions we make and where that leads us.

Studies has shown that optimists live longer than pessimists. The thoughts we think and the questions we ask have a direct impact on the quality of our life.

Most of our days are spent thinking, ask ourselves questions, why can’t I do that, why did they do that to me, why am I so [insert negative judgement here]? Every question is a stepping stone, the question is where are we leading the path towards? Somewhere bright and positive or somewhere cold, dark and limiting?

Tonight, before you fall asleep, ask yourself this question. You don’t need to wait for an answer to come, just like when you forget something and then hours later the answer pops in your head, your unconscious is always searching for the answer and it will give it to you in some form or another.

“If I knew that I could achieve anything I wanted, what difference would that make to my life?

Think about that before you fall asleep. Allow it to marinade whilst you sleep.

Who knows, tomorrow you could wake up feeling that little bit lighter.

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