The Power of Mental Rehearsal

Anyone who has achieved their goal, played and won, worked their way up to the top or succeeded in some way has spent many hours both mentally and physically rehearsing. We can physically rehearse through training and repeated actions, but what’s more important is our own mental rehearsal. The great thing about mental rehearsal is we can do it anywhere, waiting in traffic, in the shower or even when eating your lunch.

Any goal that we want to achieve first starts in the mind. When we spend time mentally preparing and rehearsing the outcome we want we are able to more effortlessly handle the task and rise to the occasion when the opportunity presents itself. Many Olympic athletes and sports stars visualise the same throw or winning the same round again and again so that it becomes a natural, effortless process.

Just by picturing the thing you want to be better at it already sets our mind in the right direction. The brain thinks “Oh this is what you want” and it starts to make things happen. Each time you rehearse your desired outcome you will be strengthening neural connections so that your unconscious mind begins to accept that this is the reality that you desire.

When we combine our mental rehearsal with the physical and emotional preparing, we develop both inner strength and confidence to succeed. So next time you have a few minutes to spare, sit and mentally rehearse getting what you want. You never know, you may just start to see new opportunities to get you there.

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