The Art of Self Respect

Having self-respect doesn’t just apply to what we think about and how we interact with others. How we treat our body and watching our diet and rest patterns is a vital ingredient to keeping your energy level high.

For many people, looking after ourselves is at the bottom of our to-do list. If we ignore our body then not only will we find it difficult to enjoy life, but we also make it harder to plan and follow through on our goals.

When we take care of ourselves and feel good, we attract more good things to us. Whatever our emotional state is influences what we focus on; if we are tired then chances are we don’t want to do anything.

Taking the first step to a healthier body comes down to taking small steps. Take a walk, skip that chocolate bar, go to sleep an extra hour earlier, take the stairs next time rather than the escalator. Small, manageable steps to get the ball rolling.

When we take care of our physical body it has a direct impact on our emotional well-being. Everyone falls into bad habits, however if we stick with these bad habits they can become a way of life.

So today, what can you do to give yourself a little more energy?

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