Spring Cleaning for Home and Mind

How often are you left rummaging around your desk or chest of drawers, trying to find some important piece of paper or misplaced item that you needed 5 minutes ago?

When this happens often our stress and anxiety levels increase and we move from operating in a logical, sensible state of mind into a freaked out, snappy, frustrated state.

One of the easiest forms of self-therapy is taking the time to organise your desk, your unit, your drawers, your workspace so that everything is neat and tidy, and, most importantly, available at hand when you need it.

Psychologically we can feel weighed down and scattered if everything is a mess and out of place. Taking the time to organise your living and work area helps reduce any change of a minor panic attack and creates a calmer atmosphere now that everything is less cluttered.

Why make life harder for yourself? Take some time today, even just a few minutes to stop, look at your surroundings and see what could be placed where. What could be thrown out? Now only will you feel better about yourself, but you may even find a few things that you thought you had lost!

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