Small Steps to Overcome Procrastination

I’m sure at one time or another we’ve waited until the last minute to do something.

However, if you find yourself putting things off until the evening before because you can’t bring yourself to do them, then maybe it’s time to break free of the procrastination habit and start a new habit that gets things done.

One of the first things you can do is put a time to the task at hand. How long does it actually take to do? Often we spend longer dreading about doing something then the time it would take to actually do it. Paying your monthly bills? 10 minutes online. Doing the dishes? 5-10 minutes. Responding to a message? 2 minutes.

When you know how long the task will actually take, it makes it easier for you to get it done.

Another thing you can do is just start. Rather than waiting for the right time to get it done, just take the first step. Get the ball rolling. Sometimes just getting started helps break us free of the procrastination habit.

Also think about the potential anxiety not doing something has caused. Is your mental and physical health worth not doing it? Aren’t you more important than that? When we take action the feeling of relief and satisfaction is far greater than the feeling of dread beforehand.

Finally, take some time out. Give yourself a reward such as watching a movie, having a nap, making yourself a nice dessert. Reward yourself for doing the job. Let that motivate you to complete it.

Everyone procrastinates however there is no need to be hard on yourself whilst doing so. Start those small steps, get the ball rolling and you’ll start to get a whole lot more done and enjoy life more.

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