Small Steps to Build Momentum

Do you make a great plan for the day, wake up ready to go and then something happens and you don’t follow through?

This happens to everyone and often we start to worry. We start thinking that we have too much to do, it feels that it’s all too much and our best laid plans for the days get derailed. We can give up and go back to doing our usual habitual habits.

Instead, do this. Even if you feel off your course, commit to taking that first step anyway. Take a small step and build momentum. If you’re able to still start your plan for the day you will start to build self-belief and confidence in yourself.

When we are able to stay focused, regardless of what’s happening around us we grow both mentally and emotionally. Best of all, by committing and following through, we soon forget about whatever it was that made us go off course.

So my question to you is, what’s the one thing that you’ve been putting off, that if you did it would make a measurable impact on your life?

Guess what I want you to do now? That’s right. Begin.

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