How to Prepare Emotionally for Life

If you were taking a test, planning a holiday, buying a house or even cooking a meal one of the first things you would do is prepare. Prepare what you need to know, what steps to take, what you have to get ready.

However, how many of us emotionally prepare? Wouldn’t accomplishing our goals and doing what we set out to do be easier if we had mentally prepared for what’s to come. Mentally prepared ourselves so that we are ready for whatever life has to throw at us?

Yes, you may never know exactly what’s going to happen, but by mentally preparing yourself you create an emotional strength that can be put to use in the future.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to prepare mentally for an event is to rehearse it in your mind’s eye. If you are taking a driving test, imagine the final scene where the instructor tells you that you have passed and feel the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in your body. From this imagine rewinding back the memory so that you are now parking, then rewinding back and see yourself successfully stopping at a junction. Finally rewind it back to you stepping into the car ready to ace your exam.

Mental rehearsal helps us feel more confident that we can handle the task at hand, and also allows us to remember things you may have missed or left out if you had gone in unprepared.

So, before any big event, ask yourself. “What is my outcome? What do I want to achieve as a result of this?” Then imagine it vividly. Start at the end and take each step backwards, then imagine it all over again forwards.

Doing this will enable you to gain greater confidence within yourself and train your unconscious to take you in the proper direction. If you need a little help with some hypnotic techniques to improve your motivation and tenacity, get in touch. Together we can help you break down your barriers with ease.

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