Escaping a Negative Environment

If anything hurts your self-esteem and confidence more than anything else, it’s negativity and a negative environment.

Everyone has a bad day and that’s fine. But what drains us is being stuck in a negative work or home environment where every day you feel put down.

If you are being told that you’re not worth anything or good enough, eventually you may give up and start to believe it.

You lose your joy and any inner happiness is shattered.

What you need to do is find your strength to step back, to put things in a new perspective. Realise that you can either keep rationalising why you stay in the environment or accept that it’s the environment and that leaving may be the answer.

Often when people leave a negative environment they ask themselves “Why did I take so long so leave?” Confidence, self-esteem, joy and happiness can’t grow within an environment of negativity.

Don’t waste any more time being hard on yourself, blaming yourself for your short comings.

Leave the past behind. Leave all those old behaviours and unwanted habits. Remove yourself from a toxic work or relationship environment. Yes it may be hard but you’ll be thankful you did. You have the strength to change your life.

If you need help getting your thoughts in order, or overcoming old negative emotions, I can help. Reach out to me and together let’s get you facing towards a brighter future.

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