Empowering Questions for Challenging Situations

When we face problems in our life, it can be easy to just sit back and give up or ask yourself why these things are happening. These sort of responses not only drain our energy but also reinforce to our minds that we are unable to cope.

Instead, next time you are facing a challenging situation, ask yourself empowering questions for clarity. For example, if you are having a relationship problem, instead of asking “Why does this always happen to me?” instead ask “How can I turn¬†this situation around in a way that benefits both of us?”

If you have been made unemployed rather than asking yourself “Why does no one want to hire me?” instead ask “How easily can I find a job that I not only enjoy but I can add value to?”

Look at your challenge from every angle. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself questions that even seem over the top. How about this one for size “What could I do today that would make my day one to remember?”

When we can master the art of asking the right questions we will increase our feelings of empowerment and make subsequent choices much easier.

Clarity creates confidence which creates a whole new life.

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