Developing Your Skills for Stress Free Living

Have you ever taken the time to learn a new skill, or even just the basics of something and found your life becomes a whole lot easier?

Often in our daily lives we can get ourselves so stressed out over the simplest thing. Our computer doesn’t do what we want it to do.. time to stress out! Our microwave won’t let us set the defrost settings correctly.. time to get angry! Our phone is running slower than normal.. let’s throw out phone out the window!

When we are faced with a problem that we either have no clue how to sort or that we are unable to even attempt fixing it can cause excess adrenalin and cortisol to race through our body making it extremely hard to concentrate.

Even if we fix the issue eventually, those feelings of stress and anger can stay ruminating around your minds for the rest of the day.

When we take the time to learn a new skill, make something to what we want it to do, it allows us to tap into those inner resources and confidence so that we can figure out what to do next.

Building the confidence of knowing that you are able to solve a problem in the future is a very freeing experience. Each time you accomplish a new task you feel better about and within yourself.

So invest in yourself this week, spend a half hour learning a new skill, something which you think you may need to know in the future. There are plenty of YouTube videos and online tutorials out there to help you keep up with the latest know-how.

You may just surprise yourself how easily you are able to deal with it when it happens the next time.

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