Breaking the Negative Thought Cycle

It’s only normal that sometimes bad things happen and we speak and think negatively about ourselves. This becomes a problem when it becomes a regular occurrence, constantly putting ourselves down at the expense of our own career, social life and growth.

One of the simplest ways to break the habit of negative thinking is that of mindfulness. That is, we become more aware of the thoughts we are having. We take on an outside perspective, where we are no longer the ones thinking it, but instead are watching ourselves thinking the thoughts.

Start monitoring your thoughts and whenever you are thinking something less than empowering, repeat to yourself “Thank you, goodbye. Thank you, goodbye.” until the thought dissipates. You’ll effectively be training your unconscious mind that these thoughts aren’t wanted.

Even just reminding yourself that a thought is just a thought and it doesn’t mean anything is a useful place to start.

Often times we get in a negative mood when we don’t feel good or our live isn’t going as planned. Most of these negative thoughts come from wanting to be in control and having everything happen the way you want it to. The reality is, this is often not the case.

When we are able to step back and appreciate the fact that we are in a negative mood, we can start the first step to changing our thoughts around.

This is something initially that will require commitment, after all we’ve lived our lives thinking one way, we can’t expect to change it instantly.

More than just a bad habit, negative thinking can cause harm both to yourself and those around you.

Your life and confidence will be better for it.

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