Are You the Cause or the Effect in Your Life?

It can be tempting when faced with stressful situations or challenging people to react and get our emotions involved. However what if next time, rather than react, you responded. A subtle difference.

When we react to a situation we get out emotions involved. It becomes a battle of our ego, why is this happening to me? Who do they think they are? Why do bad things like this happen? And we get flustered and tense. We ultimately paint ourselves as the victim of what is happening to us.

However, when we learn respond, there’s a sense of clarity. It’s from a more logical, higher perspective. Where we can deal with what’s happening sensibly with a level head. We can look at the steps we need to take to get things done. We can look at the goal we want to achieve and how best to get there.

We are no longer at the effect of what’s happening but instead have become the cause.

We understand that yes, something bad may have happened, but we can choose how to respond which will ultimately affect the choices we make.

Next time you find yourself stressed out over something, ask yourself “Am I reacting or am I responding?” “Am I the effect or am I the cause of what happens to me?” and notice the difference in how you think, feel and act.


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