4 Simple Things to Feel GOOD

4 Simple things you can do TODAY to make yourself feel good and boost your self-esteem.

1 – Refresh! Yes, it’s that simple. Wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, shave your face (if you’re a guy) Apply some nice lotion to your skin. Just this simple act helps cool the body and gives you that fresh start feeling.

2 – Remember the last time you were successful – work, personal life, relationships, it doesn’t matter. Just tune into that feeling and enjoy it for about 60 seconds. Get that serotonin flowing.

3 Have a clear out. Organize your drawers and cupboards and throw away anything that no longer fits into your life. Clear your desk, tidy your car, make sure all the dishes are done and the house is hovered. When we throw out the old it makes space for the new.

4 – Take a look at your life, your home, your relationships, your possessions. Realise that at one point you didn’t have any of this. Often we can lose feelings of our own self worth, so remind yourself of all that you have achieved. Understanding that if you were able to get all this before, you can do it again.

What are you waiting for? Get started and start feeling good for no reason.

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