Coping with Exam and Stress Anxiety

Everyone knows what it feels like to stress about upcoming exams and tests. The feelings of worry, pressure and having to cram so much information leads to us feeling overwhelmed and overly anxious. This in return affects our concentration which only makes matters worse.

People cope with test nerves in different ways, such as abdoning their study, giving up and not worrying if they pass or fail since they think they’ll fail anyway. There is also the thought that if we simply give up and fail that will feel better than studying hard and then failing. All of these behaviours simply limit our available to perform well.

Does this Sound Like You?

-Do you find yourself overworking and trying to cram as much as you can in a last minute study sesson?

-Do you feel it’s not worth studying since you’ll fail anyway?

-Do you blame your past failed exams and think it won’t get better?

If you have answered yes to any of these, then you are experiencing undue Exam and Stress Anxiety.

Stressed During Your Test?

It’s not just the study and prepartion ahead of time that can play a burden on us. During the exam itself we may look to others and think they are donig better than us, or something can happen during the test such as our mind going blank that puts us off and only make matters worse.

Whilst some of us find a way of focusing on the task at hand and taking each bite sized piece of information, many of us simple find the pressure of an upcoming exam incredibly overwhelming.

Hypnotherapy to Cope with Exam and Test Anxiety

Hypnotherapy has been used for many years to help students and adults come to terms with their anxiety and help lower their worry and stress so they can approach the exam in a calm, relaxed manner. During hypnosis the feelings of anxiety can be decreased and a sense of calm and focus can be accessed and linked to taking exams.

Hypnotherapy can help slow down a racing mind and allow us to focus on the things that we can control, such as the preparation rather than the fear of what might happen if we fail.

Stay Calm with Hypnosis

Stress isn’t always bad, infact just a bit of stress can help motivate us to act. However too much stress can affect our mental health, which is why Hypnotherapy is of such benefit as it can allow your mind and body to cope with any unneeded pressure and see things in a rational, level headed way.

If you have an upcoming test and are full of worry and stress, get in touch with me today to book your hypnotherapy session.

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