Content Free Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy without knowing the issue

What is Content Free Hypnotherapy?

Content Free Hypnotherapy is a style of hypnosis where I ask your subconscious mind to make the changes for you, without knowledge of the event. Content free hypnotherapy allows you to receive the help that you require without having to tell me any details about what the issue is or the history of the problem. We can effectively clear out old unwanted emotions and memories and install a new positive future and leave the past behind without going into how it started or what you are feeling.

This style of hypnotherapy can be used for anyone suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, or past emotional trauma in which we can make changes without stirring up old emotions and pains.

How can I resolve my issue without going into details?

Unlike conventional hypnotherapy, the process of content free hypnotherapy is done internally through the use of guided imagery and direct suggestion to the subconscious mind. You simply sit back and enjoy the journey through your imagination. One of the great benefits of content free hypnotherapy is that it helps ease stress and anxiety, which creates a domino effect to help resolve any other issues.

Can you give me an example of Content Free hypnotherapy?

One technique I use many times during the first session is to have the client imagine themselves walking down a beach. They then look behind them at their footsteps which symbolise all their past issues and painful memories. I then have them watch the tide coming in and washing away those footprints, clearing all the emotional pains and negative thoughts. The subconscious is incredibly responsive to metaphors and stories and so the client is able to make subtle shifts in their thinking through the use of guided imagery.

I like to think of content free hypnotherapy as essentially wiping the slate clean, giving you a new internal foundation to build upon.

There are many different structured Content Free Hypnotherapy techniques available which I have experience with, including The Blueprint by Matt Gilbert, The Clearance Protocol by Graeme Harvey, Emotional Release by Katherine Zimmerman and The Library Technique by Dr. Michael Preston.

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