About Henderson Hypnotherapy

Hello, my name is Elliott and I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Within my background in advertising and marketing I developed a growing interest with psychology, especially into why people act and do the things they do, which lead me into studying NLP and Hypnotherapy.

I became fascinated with hypnotherapy and the changes that are possible in a relatively short time compared to more traditional otherapy which led me into studying Hypnotherapy with the Manchester College of Coaching and Hypnotherapy where I earned Hypnotherapy Diploma.

With Hypnotherapy I specialise in making changes to your subconscious mind to help bring you towards emotional health and wholeness. I have been trained to deal with many different types of issues including anxiety, addictions, emotional eating, insomnia, habits and weight loss.

In my practice I help clients make positive changes in their lives, by opening up new ways of thinking and identify the direction they want to go and the steps they need to take to achieve their desired future.

I am an accredited and registered member of the General Hypnotherapy Council which is the leading professional body in the country. To ensure I am always giving the best support to my clients, I regularly attend Continuing Professional Development courses to further my knowledge and skills.

If you would like more information or if you would like to book a session, please contact me to find out if hypnotherapy is the right choice for you.

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