Positive Steps Towards a Better Future

Hypnotherapy Sessions for Anxiety, Stress and Self Esteem Issues

Elliott Henderson
Certified Hypnotherapist

Welcome to Henderson Hypnotherapy. My name is Elliott and I’m a fully qualified clinical Hypnotherapist in Edinburgh. I provide an individually tailored, safe and supportive hypnotherapy service to help clients overcome a range of mental and emotional issues and help them achieve the positive results they want.

Sometimes we feel as though we don’t know which way to turn and our minds seem to be a jumble of problems. Fortunately, there is a solution. Hypnotherapy can help you to break free from the things that are holding you back and take control of your life.

With a positive, solution-focused approach, I am committed to helping people find a resolution to their problem quickly, safely and as efficiently as possible within a friendly and comfortable environment.

Whatever You Are Struggling With, I Can Help

“You can’t predict what life will throw at you, but you can change the way you deal with it.”

Changing the way we think, feel and behave can sometimes feel like a challenge, but with the right support, change can be achieved. With Hypnosis we can help alleviate habitual thought patterns which can cause us to feel anxious, stressed, hopeless or afraid. I am able to offer individual hypnotherapy sessions for the following areas:

Hypnotherapy Can Help You:

  • Create a positive, brighter future for your mind to move towards
  • Break the habit of negative thinking to increase feelings of self-worth
  • Neutralise old emotional pains so that they no longer control you
  • Eliminate unwanted habits and stress for a healthier lifestyle
  • Strengthen your own inner resources and abilities to handle challenges

Hypnosis is a relaxing, enjoyable experience which is just like having a very pleasant daydream and you’ll awaken feeling refreshed, alert and with a new outlook on life. 

Modern and Effective Hypnotherapy for Mental Wellness

By visiting this site, you have already taken the first step towards seeking help and improving your emotional health and well-being. With the combined use of Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching, I help to utilize your own skills, strengths and inner resources to allow you to get back on track and bring you towards the life you want.

My clients are normal, everyday people and I tailor each session to your specific issue to assist you in achieving your desired outcome. Contact me to book your Edinburgh hypnotherapy session and together we can start to create positive changes in your life.

Henderson Hypnotherapy Accreditation
Legal Disclaimer

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. Always consult your Doctor on all medical issues regarding your condition and any changes to your treatment. Hypnosis is a combination of focused concentration and mental relaxation similar to meditation. The best hypnotic subjects are creative, intelligent and curious. Results can not be guaranteed and motivation, the ability to concentrate and a positive expectancy aid in your success.