Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

Bringing You Towards Emotional Health and Wholeness

Are you overwhelmed with stress and anxiety? Do you have a fear or phobia that you want to be free of?
Would you like to stop smoking, lose weight or increase your confidence?

If so, Hypnotherapy can help you to feel better about yourself and regain control of your life.

Elliott Henderson - Edinburgh Hypnotist and Owner of Henderson Hypnotherapy
Elliott Henderson
Edinburgh Hypnotist

Hello, my name is Elliott Henderson and I am a qualified clinical Hypnotherapist. I offer a safe and supportive Edinburgh hypnotherapy service to help clients from all walks of life overcome a range of different issues. With Hypnosis we can communicate directly with the subconscious part of your mind to help you break free of any unwanted fears and phobias, to effectively release feelings of anxiety and stress and calmly manage negative thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effective way to deal with many different mental and emotional issues. During our hypnotherapy session we will talk about your issue and what you would like to achieve with hypnosis. With a solution focused approach, I help to utilise your own skills, strengths and inner resources to help you move comfortably towards your desired goals.

After our consultation I will then guide you into a calm and peaceful state of hypnosis and, through the use of suggestions and imagery, help you to let go of negative mental blocks and create positive new habits and behaviours.

Clinical Hypnotherapist in Edinburgh

I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist in Edinburgh with a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching from the MCCH and I am a registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. I am also trained in NLP and have full professional liability insurance. Having personally experienced the benefits of hypnotherapy I now work with others to help bring them the change they want.

Hypnosis is a very efficient way of removing our own inner obstacles so that we no longer hold ourselves back. With the combined use of Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the forward-thinking approach of Solution Focused Therapy, I use modern, practical therapeutic techniques to help you make significant changes in your life in a relatively short period of time.

The feeling of Hypnosis is best described as the stage between being awake and asleep. It is a very natural state of mind and we experience this state throughout the day whenever our mind drifts off. When you are hypnotised you will be fully aware of your surroundings and remain in complete control at all times, accepting only the suggestions that are beneficial for you.

What Would You Like to Change?

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung

Hypnosis can help clear your mind of AnxietyLife can throw at us many different challenges. Within Hypnosis we can help alleviate habitual thought patterns which can cause us to feel anxious, depressed, angry or afraid.

Hypnotherapy allows us to:

  • Create a positive, brighter future that your mind effortlessly works towards
  • Break the habit of negative thinking to increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Neutralise old emotional pains and hurts so that they no longer control you
  • Eliminate unwanted habits and stress for a healthier lifestyle
  • Strengthen our own inner resources and abilities
  • Allow new understandings so that we can achieve positive change

Hypnosis is a relaxing, enjoyable experience which is just like having a very pleasent daydream and you’ll emerge feeling rejuvenated and with a new outlook on life. You will be treated in a respectful, confidential and non-judgmental way at all times.

Positive Steps Towards a Better Future

Whether you find yourself burdened with anxiety, worrying over fears, have trouble sleeping or if you simply want to feel better about and within yourself then I am here to help you. My clients are normal, everyday people and I tailor each session to their specific issue to achieve their desired outcome.

Private sessions are available by appointment. Contact me today to book your Edinburgh hypnotherapy session and together we can start to create positive changes in your life.

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Henderson Hypnotherapy Accreditation

Legal Disclaimer

Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment. Always consult your Doctor on all medical issues regarding your condition and any changes to your treatment. Hypnosis is a combination of focused concentration and mental relaxation similar to meditation. The best hypnotic subjects are creative, intelligent and curious. Results can not be guaranteed and motivation, the ability to concentrate, to use your imagination and to think positively aid in your success.

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